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Our Teams

Accounting and Finance

Our Accounting and Credit teams are composed of the most skilled in the industry. Our experienced staff has a profound understanding of the complexities of leasing and works quickly to approve, fund and service our customers’ leases.


The Onset Documentation Team is a united group of many dedicated and loyal individuals each striving to achieve our common goal of being the best.  We work tirelessly to provide excellent service, exceed expectations and to understand and properly document every transaction in our portfolio.

IT and Development

Onset’s Development Team possesses talent, business awareness, and technical prowess that makes them a powerful arrow in Onset’s quiver. The team crafts proprietary custom software to support every facet of Onset’s business. Our software makes our team faster, more flexible, more agile, more accurate, more accountable, more productive, and more aware of our metrics.


Our Legal Team ensures the highest level of integrity throughout the life of our transactions and review and approve documents entered into by the Company.  We also protect and fight for the Company in all legal matters and in any disputes or defaults by our customers.  We’re the dog behind the fence.


The Marketing Team on Onset Financial has one goal: Share the amazing story of Onset Financial! The highly-talented group is dedicated to taking multi-media to the next level! Check out Onset on every social platform imagine-able!

Product Management

Product Management ensures that leases fund quickly and are always looking for ways to improve speed, accountability, reporting and Onset’s overall efficiency.  Although we are one of the smallest teams at Onset, together we have almost 60 years of experience in the finance industry.


Our small but talented department is responsible for gathering, maintaining and summarizing detailed information used to manage our portfolio. When we are not gathering data and creating reports we are busy planning and overseeing the most amazing company events.


Our Sales Team is assembled with the best of the best in the industry. With over 80 years of experience, this team understands every intricate detail of all of our funding processes.

Onset Values

At Onset Financial, we value every member of our team, and we recognize we are only as good as our people. With that in mind, we seek individuals who have proven their success, have a continued desire to grow their abilities and have a high level of professionalism.

We are nothing without the trust of our clients and partners. Our integrity is the foundation for providing an unmatched leasing experience.

Though we are the best, we believe that there are always opportunities to improve ourselves individually, as a team, and as a company. We will not be satisfied until we are better in all ways.

There is nothing worse than becoming stagnant. We welcome passion for breaking past barriers and remaining creative in all aspects of this industry.

We are committed to providing the BEST customer experience in the industry. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. With Onset Financial, leasing is Always Better.

Check your ego at the door. We are committed to this company; we are committed to being the best. We are committed to creating an organization that is truly second to none.

Unbeatable Culture


Bags of Cereal


Onset Swag Items


Pizzas Consumed

Dressed to Impress

WE LOVE OUR BRAND, and we love to share it with the world. You need a backpack? We got it! You need a water bottle? Please take it! You need something to wear? We have hats, t-shirts, hoodies, polos, dresses, etc. Needless to say, we have it all!

Onset Perks

It’s no surprise we like spending time together as a company, and what’s better than doing it while enjoying some delicious food? Not. A. Thing. That’s why we have an amazing Bistro with a fully-stocked cereal bar and provide lunch every Friday.

Training to Win

We expect the best out of our employees so why shouldn’t they expect the best out of us? We feel a responsibility to hold semiannual trainings to ensure that ALL our employees are given the best tools to succeed within our company.

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