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Clinical Diagnostic Equipment

This transaction with this laboratory business was highly involved. This is a company with $1.5-billion in revenue, production facilities in seven countries. They have $4-billion in assets and have been in business over three-quarters of a century. The sale & leaseback transaction, comprised of production equipment and soft costs, was vital. It allowed them to enhance their cash balance while maintaining strong EBITDA, and capitalize on additional opportunities to grow their business. The customer needed to quickly complete the financing to move forward on several critical initiatives. We were swift in our turnaround and our flexible solutions allowed us to craft a structure that could get our client the funds they needed to fuel their continued business growth. "The ultimate success of this transaction was a result of the extraordinary collaboration between the customer and Onset," said Justin Nielsen, C.E.O. of Onset Financial. "We have been working for years to build and diversify our industry-leading funding relationships. Projects like this are a demonstration of our unique funding capabilities. This transaction exemplifies how we can fill custom-tailored funding needs. It's very fulfilling for our entire organization to provide our customers with funds that help their businesses grow."



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