Justin Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Nielsen has become one of the most prolific and successful leaders in the United States for Independent Equipment Leasing companies. Very few ever achieve the winning consistency Justin has demonstrated throughout his career, and as the leader of Onset.

“Always growing” is the epitome of Justin’s continuing legacy. Under his leadership, Onset has over a decade of growth in almost every trackable category – the most important being annual fundings, revenue, and company size.

Onset demonstrates innovative leadership and superiority in its space due to the relentless efforts Justin pursues with his hand-picked team of industry stand-outs. Just is committed to maintaining a highly ethical company that leads the industry and provides an incredible finance experience for Onset’s customers.

Don’t look away for a second or you’ll miss another major growth announcement by Onset Financial, a company that literally embodies the hard work and bold endeavors of Justin Nielsen.