Onset Financial Aims to Surpass Half a Billion Dollars in Annual Fundings by the End of October

Onset Financial continues funding at a record-breaking pace in 2021 as it aims to surpass half a billion dollars in annual fundings by the completion of October.

“We are grateful to our customers and funding partners who have made this year possible. These relationships, built over many years, are truly one of Onset’s unique advantages,” said Remington Atwood, Senior Vice President of Finance.

Onset has maintained outstanding success amongst the difficulties presented by the year’s economic climate. They have responded to the challenges in an extraordinary manner and accomplished great results through fostering hard work and team unity.

“The past 18 months have been unprecedented – every company, despite its industry, strength, or specialization has been impacted in ways no one could have predicted,” said Melinda Haynes, President of Onset Financial. “Despite the adverse market conditions, we are delighted to achieve such stellar results and success.”

Onset is an award-winning team that has won over ten awards this year, including the Best of State, Inc. 5000, Monitor 100, Top CEO, and Inc. Best Workplaces. These awards highlight Onset’s dedication to customer experience, workplace excellence, and significant impact on the equipment finance industry.

“Through each challenge that we have faced, our team continually adapts to succeed,” said Justin Nielsen, CEO & Founder. “They continue to prove they can tackle any challenge that presents itself, no matter the circumstance.”