Onset Financial CEO Justin Nielsen Addresses Students, Faculty, and Men's Basketball Team at Weber State University

January 26, 2018

Ogden, Utah – Onset Financial Founder and Chief Executive Officer Justin Nielsen addressed students and faculty at the England Logistics Professional Sales Speaker Series on Wednesday. The series is presented by the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence.

“When successful alumni engage with our current students, something magical happens,” said Associate Vice President of Office of University Advancement Matthew Spencer. “That magic was palpable as Justin spoke to our professional sales majors and then to the Weber State Basketball Team.”

Nielsen was a forward with the Wildcats from 1994 to 1996 and was part of the team that played in the NCAA playoffs. Weber State’s upset against Michigan State is one of Weber State Basketball’s greatest moments. And, the buzzer-beater loss to Georgetown still ranks seventh on the Big Sky Conference’s list of “50 Greatest Men’s Moments.”

“I was honored to be selected by world-class leaders to share some of my experiences that I hope will inspire students in their business endeavors,” said Nielsen. “And, meeting with the basketball team in the very place I spent so much time years ago was an absolute pleasure. I can say with confidence those men are truly some of the finest student-athletes in the world. I would like to give a huge thanks to Weber State and the basketball team for allowing me to share my story with their fantastic students.”

“As a former student in the professional sales program and a former varsity basketball player here at Weber, Justin had instant credibility with these two groups and did a great job of inspiring both through his heartfelt talks about embracing negativity, dealing with adversity and striving to achieve team synergy,” said Spencer.