Onset Financial Continues its Record Breaking Pace by Ending July 2020 with Over $100M in YTD Fundings

August 13, 2020

Onset Financial eclipsed the $100 million benchmark for 2020 new fundings in July. While the company continues to adapt as it overcomes the challenges of a global economic downturn, it remains consistent in its excellent ability to meet its customers’ equipment finance needs with speed and flexibility.

“I’m very grateful that Onset has an amazing combination of great customers, fantastic funding partners and an outstanding team that allow us to achieve ongoing success during these uncertain times,” said Justin Nielsen, founder and CEO of Onset Financial.

The company transitioned the team to partially work from home in March and has been successful in continued growth.

“Keeping our employees safe and healthy has been our primary organizational focus this year,” continued Nielsen. “Having our entire Operations team working remotely while increasing the speed of our funding delivery and continuing to accomplish great results is a true testament to the talent of our team.”

Onset unveiled a new strategy to drive growth and offered a Covid Relief Program to existing customers, once again setting the company apart as a disruptor in the industry.