Onset Financial Continues to Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Women in the United States have a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. This devastating statistic illustrates the danger women face and the dire need for greater awareness and proper screening. At the start of the year, Onset Financial chose to advocate for the fight against breast cancer.

Onset has displayed its commitment to fight by changing the logos on its building from their trademark blue to breast cancer pink. But, more importantly, they opted to host the Intermountain Healthcare Mobile Mammography Truck to allow employees and local women to get screened for breast cancer. Annual screenings are essential for early detection and ensure that any necessary treatment is as effective as possible.

Over the two days in which Onset hosted the truck, many women took advantage of the opportunity to get screened. In order to make these women as comfortable as possible, Onset provided swag bags, important information on breast cancer, and refreshments. The truck’s ease-of-access incentivized many women to get screened for the first time!

“Thank you so much to Onset and IHC for providing us this opportunity to get our yearly mammograms done,” said Onset Senior Leasing Officer Holly Cahoon. “It was easy, so appreciated, and nice to get the word out on how important it is to get this screening done every year.”

Onset Financial loved hosting the IHC Mobile Mammography Truck and will continue its support throughout the rest of 2021. Onset Gives, the 501(c)(3) philanthropic branch of Onset Financial, will be donating time and money to continue spreading breast cancer awareness. In addition, in December, Onset will host a gala in honor of women diagnosed with breast cancer. At this event, the attendees will enjoy comedian Brian Regan and will have the opportunity to donate to the cause.


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