Onset Financial Experiences Highest Sales Quarter in Company History

October 1, 2019

Onset Financial closed third quarter with the highest sales in its history and is on track for its best year in new fundings since inception in 2008.

“These tremendous sales are a result of synergistic alliances with key business partners,” said CEO and Founder Justin Nielsen. “We have spent over a decade solidifying relationships that allow us to acquire customers at a level many companies never see.”

Onset has maintained a position of growth in the Independent Leasing sector in recent years, ranking as one of the country’s Top Independents according to the March/April issue of Monitor Magazine*.

Onset recently promoted key players on the sales management team which has allowed for better efficiencies on all fronts of the finance experience.

“Our team has been revolutionizing the sales process in unprecedented ways to help our customers achieve maximum value as we utilize our proprietary systems,” said President of Lease Operations Melinda Haynes. “Onset is committed to continuous innovation and cutting-edge procedures that enable us to increase our market share while we simultaneously fund our customers’ transactions in record time.”

* Monitordaily is the leading source for equipment finance and equipment leasing industry news, articles and opinions.