Onset Financial Funds $15M for International Automotive Supplier

September 19, 2018

Onset Financial has just financed $15 million dollars in relatively unsecured international equipment. This company has experienced extraordinary growth over the past few years and this financing will help them strategically grow their business.

“Completing a transaction of this magnitude in less than seven days is almost unheard of. This injection of capital will produce immediate benefits for our customer so I couldn’t be happier,” said Matt Burrows, Executive Vice President at Onset Financial. “We are fortunate to enjoy a strong working relationship with this customer and the leadership at both companies ensured a quick turnaround through cooperation and responsiveness.

As a global leader in automotive safety, this company provides products most drivers use on a daily basis.

“Teamwork, speed, and efficiency made this funding happen,” said Senior Vice President of Product Management, Melinda Haynes. “Once again, Onset was able to make a difference by quickly responding to the needs of a client.”

Onset is proud to team-up with this billion-dollar company to provide operating lease capital to this global T1a supplier.