Onset Financial Funds $210 Million in 2019

January 2, 2020

Onset Financial, one of the leading independent equipment leasing companies in the country, has accomplished a company best in 2019 by beating all previous calendar years with $210 million in total fundings.

Achieving this milestone demanded a record-breaking performance in the fourth quarter as Onset funded over $85-million during the last three months of 2019.

“A 77% increase over the prior year’s total fundings required an exceptional team performance,” said Justin Nielsen, Founder and CEO of Onset Financial.  “We demonstrated a cohesive team bond and accomplished something very special this year.”

This banner year also represents the first twelve-month period that onset Financial has occupied its new 55-thousand square-foot building in Draper, Utah.

“Our unique funding capabilities combined with exceptionally gifted and talented people are the core ingredients of our success,” Nielsen continued. “Watching our departments continue to perform at such a high level is definitely one of the all-time highlights of my career!”

Onset was named the nations twenty-first largest Independent Equipment Leasing Company in 2019 by The Monitor Daily Magazine.