Onset Financial Funds $5M in Medical Equipment in Less Than One Week

December 13, 2017

Onset just completed a $5 million funding for a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization and did so in less than a week.

This transaction covers medical equipment for more than a dozen hospitals in several different states.

“We literally worked around the clock in order to provide funding in such a short timeframe,” said Executive Vice President of Sales Matt Burrows. “The people working behind the scenes here at Onset are the best in the business and our customer was quick to point that out as the transaction progressed.”

Funding this deal in less than a week is something Onset Financial is able to do, where others can’t.

“The saying “It takes a village” rang so true with this transaction – every person involved worked diligently together to achieve the near impossible,” said Kristina Allen, Executive Vice President of Operations. “We were a team in every sense – united and invested in achieving a common goal.”

Processing the information and getting funds out the door so fast would not have been possible without Onset’s operations team seamlessly working through the invoices, working with the vendor, all while putting together master lease documentation for this lease.