Our Mission

Our mission is to be THE BEST in our industry. By providing customers with unmatched customer service and equipment finance benefits, we are determined we can fund it all. Built upon sound ethical integrity and innovative passion, you can have confidence in Onset to properly handle all transactions with care. Our corporate culture is second to none, and we strive to remain creative in our funding processes to ensure a customized financing experience specific to your company’s needs.

Organizational Integrity

Onset’s all-star team and industry-leading innovation are nothing without the trust of our clients and partners. The core of any great company is a set of well-defined values and beliefs that guide the definition of the behaviors, systems, and practices required to achieve business goals. Integrity is the guiding principle of how Onset conducts business, and Onset will always strive to provide our clients with clear and direct communication, empowering its clients to make the best decisions for their business.

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

With an all-star team, Onset was positioned to approach equipment finance like no one before. Decades upon decades of experience reveals creative new ways to be faster, more agile, and more efficient. This depth of knowledge has empowered Onset to create proprietary systems and technology unseen in the equipment finance marketplace. And as Onset innovates and improves, processes are continually refined, resulting in a level of precision, accuracy, and speed that sets Onset apart from the competition.

Equipment Finance All-Stars

To build a business unparalleled by its peers, Onset had to cherry-pick the best of the industry. From sales to documentation, technology to legal, and accounting to operations, Onset has assembled a team of all-stars.