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Company Overview

This customer is an essential provider of maintenance in the energy transmission and distribution industry with over 50 years of experience. They specialize in key repairs, quality assurance, and emergency response solutions to power, utilities, and mobile market. Not only do they rely on new contracts for growth – they also focus on new acquisitions of innovative companies to improve their bottom line.


Company Revenue

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Onset + Energy

As a result of exponential growth, this customer needed to increase the size of their bucket-truck fleet. Due to supply chain shortages, bucket-trucks had become nearly impossible to acquire and the company needed capital on hand to purchase the equipment the moment that it became available.

Using traditional lending options would’ve entailed a lengthy process that likely would have cost the customer the opportunity to secure their mission-critical equipment. With increased pressure from the vendor for completed financing, the customer turned to Onset.

Onset was able to secure an initial $10M in funding for the available trucks within THREE business days – the capital was ready to wire before the vendor could even generate the necessary invoices.

As the customer continued to focus on additional acquisitions and equipment purchases, Onset has been able to give them the peace-of-mind they need. Onset ensures that financing will be available at industry-best speeds when the customer needs it, continuing to fuel the customer’s rapid growth.