Aged Equipment

Out-of-favor Industry

39,000,000 Funded

Company Overview

As an energy provider, this company serves the vital power and transmission needs of customers located nationally and internationally. In addition to supplying much-needed energy, this company is committed to developing the economic, financial, and cultural well-being of its local community – providing thousands of jobs to its residents, investing in the production of its resources, and supporting several local benefit initiatives.


Company Revenue

Capital Lease


Onset + Transportation

The customer faced an array of challenges coming into this transaction – the desired equipment was aged and they specialized in an out-of-favor industry. As the search for financing wore on, their hope of getting the necessary equipment began to wane.

Despite the complexities of this transaction, Onset provided 100% financing on the equipment, something even the customer did not expect to be possible. Thanks to crucial funding relationships and a team committed to helping this customer, Onset funded using a creative structure that uniquely suited the customer’s needs.

The attainment of this equipment has enabled the energy provider to begin implementing its growth strategies.